There is a part of the population for whom it’s not a matter of concern if the gas subsidy has reached their accounts but for whom the 222 Rs for each cylinder means a lot, the process of this amount being credited to their accounts has become highly irregular. In the capital, New Delhi, there are more than 5000 consumers who haven’t received the subsidy in their accounts for months now, though these people have been to agencies often to link their Aadhaar Number and Bank accounts. On investigating, Bhaskar found they there are thousands of such people who have complained at the agencies but they were directed to the banks. At the bank, they were told that since the bank’s job is to link the Aadhaar to their account no: & it has been already done, they are not responsible if the agencies are not crediting the subsidies to the account.

At present, the subsidized cylinder is available at 722 Rs. Citizens pay the whole amount to get the cylinder. For availing each subsidized cylinder, 222 Rs of the subsidy must be credited to their account. Government agencies say that according to the rules, within 48 hrs of the delivery of the subsidized cylinder, the subsidy amount must be credited the customer’s bank account. But in reality that’s not happening. Bhaskar spoke to more than 50 people regarding this. Some people confirmed that they had received the subsidy, but only after a week of receiving the cylinder. Most of the people were very upset with the subsidy not reaching their accounts. There are people who haven’t received the subsidy for more than 12-18 months and they haven’t been able to find out the reason for it.

WHY WAS THE GAS SUBSIDY STOPPED & HOW TO RECEIVE IT – All the information that you’d like to know.

No money, hence no transfer


  • According to some citizens, those bank accounts which do not have a minimum bank balance of 3000 Rs, are the ones not receiving the subsidy.
  • Because of KYC, thousands of accounts were closed. Hence, subsidy is not being credited.
  • In lot of Aadhaar cards, the name, address, or other details have been falsely entered. Hence those couldn’t be linked to the bank account.
  • People keep depositing their old Aadhaar cards even when Banks have asked them to get their updated ones.


How To Check Your Subsidy

  • Log on to to check the online subsidy status report.
  • Click on the name of the company which supplies your subsidized gas cylinder. The page opens on to the Customer Care System.
  • On this page, upload your registered mobile number and the details of your LPG ID.
  • Once you have entered these details, you will receive the information about the amount and the date & time when the subsidy was credited in your account.


Complaints about Subsidy

  • If the subsidy is not being credited into the account but is being directed elsewhere, the complaint can be launched online.
  • A visit to the LPG Gas Distribution Centre can confirm if the account is linked to the Bank or not.
  • Check at the Bank where the subsidy form was filled, if the account is linked to the correct data or not.
  • A complaint can be lodged by calling on the Petroleum Ministry’s Toll Free No:- 18002333555


“Strict action after investigation” : Collector

“It’s the responsibility of the Department of Food, Consumer Affairs & Public that the subsidy should reach the customer accounts. We have also issued strict instructions to the agencies to make sure the subsidies are transferred in the stipulated time. We will investigate this and take strict action as well.” – O. P. Chowdhary, Collector, Raipur.

“No subsidy since 18 months”

Mukesh Sahu, from Gudiyari, has linked his Aadhaar to the bank account six times. Still the subsidy has not reached his account for 18 months now. He has made many rounds of the bank and the gas agencies.

“Linked Aadhaar six times”

Elderly Sharif Khan, from Mowa, has linked his Aadhaar to the bank account six times in the past 3 months. The subsidy has not been credited to his account for a year. Since his income is very low, this money would make a big difference.

Profit goes to the Agencies

Agencies make a big profit when the LPG subsidy is not paid within the stipulated time. The agencies receive the full amount from people and then use it for other means. Also, if the subsidy is delayed by 5-6 months(?) ,the agencies receive an interest on it; that’s why there is a delay in subsidy transfer. Many complaints have been made to the Department of Food, Consumer Affairs & Public, but there has been no proper action taken.

“Have not received the subsidy since a year”

In the capital, there are thousands who haven’t received the subsidy since 4-6 months to a year. These people are making the rounds of the agencies and the banks with no relief in sight. The officials attitude towards these complaints has been careless, since they haven’t asked for any information from the agencies even in the face of so many complaints. The Food Controller, Mr. G. S. Rathod, has not convened any meeting of Gas Agency Directors, nor has any kind of written information been asked for about the number of customers these agencies have and how many people have had the subsidy transferred to their accounts.

Translated from original in Hindi.

Mahima Nambiar

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