Speaking at a conference by Break Aadhaar Chains in Thane, biometrics expert J T DSouza asked the audience in the beginning - how many people thought that fingerprints were unique? Many people raised their hand. But this is not reality. It has been proved that fingerprints change every three years or so on an average. This was first studied in South Korea. Thus, it is a requirement there to re-register every three years.
Fingerprints can be duplicated using fevicol and some vax. Fingerprints can also be recreated from photographs. The authorities for Aadhaar know this.
High qualitiy prints of photographs of eyes with a hole made in the center of each pupil were able to spoof scanners when held in front of the eyes, allowing another person to be recognized as the one whose eyes were used for the prints.

Such methods were successfully used to scam the PDS for three and a half years in Gujarat.
Data leaks are a concern, because the Aadhaar number allows information to be matched against it. Further information can be collected against the same number. All your information, illnesses, habits can be tracked. Such information can be used to refuse insurance.

Such information can be used to target specific groups of people in society. In Nazi Germany, Jews were tracked. In India, everone is tracked. Different groups can be targeted.
Personal information no longer remains confidential. This information gets proliferated to various companies through electronic means, becoming a growing chain of information about a person. There is a possiblity that such information can also be traded or sold. Making or using an Aadhaar card makes this personal information vulnerable to exploitation. This is why Aadhaar is not an appropriate solution for a need to identify individuals. JT Dsouza also answered questions from the audience.

Dr. Chetana Dixit said that Aadhaar was born as a means of identification of people. Making it mandatory has raised a lot of questions when it is attached to various schemes. Ration, gas, taxes, hospital admissions get refused without an Aadhaar. TB patients and pregnant women have been denied hospital services without an Aadhaar. The common man is harassed by this imposition.

Vishal Jadhav from Kalyan said that there is a 12 digit number called the RC number. Ration is issued only if this number is provided. There is no such written notification. However, ration is refused without an Aadhaar. Aadhaar numbers of all members in the home should be provided. Why is the government not making disclosure of this information, he asked.

Dr. Kamayani Bali asked why is there no signature on Aadhaar?
Voter ID card, passport have signature of issuing official of authority. Why is Aadhaar necessary? Everyone has a right to a private life, but Aadhaar is used to track information on their life. Initially we were told that this is not mandatory. But it is being made mandatory. Why? It is because corporates using the data profit from it.

Technology does not solve social problems, she reminded. Humans are being turned into machines. She expressed hope that the Supreme Court will ensure that Aadhaar is not forced on people.
At the same time, this is also a matter for challenging on the streets.

Anil Shaligram was the chairman of this conference.

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