Aadhaar enabled pension theft. 40 lakh stolen from 300 people

Mohammed Abdul Khader Nakshbandi Aziz, employed at an SBI kiosk customer service point at Kummarwadi, Shaik Shabbir Hussain, a former e-seva operator and Md Aslam, a junior assistant with Telangana State Southern Power Distribution Company Limited in Nalgonda district downloaded leaked Aadhaar data from the internet and used it to create new savings bank accounts to steal the pension money of nearly 300 people. An approximate 40 lakh rupees was stolen through such fake bank accounts when they posed as persons authorised to process the Asara Pension Health Scheme for senior citizens at the Bandlaguda Tahsildar Officer and collected money from the government on the pretext of sanctioning it to beneficiaries. “They have cheated government and public to the tune of `40 lakh,” said deputy Commissioner Avinash Mohanty.

Highlighting the ignorance of our machinery on data security, the police in its press note also leaked the Aadhaar numbers of several of the victims.

Source http://www.newindianexpress.com/states/telangana/2017/oct/28/aadhaar-of-300-people-stolen-rs-40-lakh-pension-money-swindled-1685237.html

This is why the UIDAI is lying through its teeth when it says the demographic data leaked from Aadhaar breaches cannot be misused without biometrics.

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