Aadhaar FAIL is a citizen journalism initiative to catalogue the damage caused to human rights, technological standards, digital safety and national interest due to the irresponsible rollout of the Aadhaar scheme that is further compounded by linking it with sensitive sources of information and making it necessary to obtain essential services.

The website compiles research, reports and news exposing the dangers of Aadhaar, into a larger picture on the implications of Aadhaar for the well being of individuals as well as the country.

Scholarly explanations on the insecurities of Aadhaar can be difficult to understand even for highly educated people without adequate subject knowledge on legal, technological and practical aspects from contexts different from their own.

This site is now available in several Indian languages. Where automatic translations are available, the site gets automatically translated. Volunteer translation editors go through the translations to edit them where the translations are not accurate.

If you wish to support this site, the biggest thing you can do is to promote it among as many people as you can. Particularly those who do not seem to understand the implications of Aadhaar. If you would like to contribute to this site, please email editor@aadhaar.info If you would like to gift money in appreciation, please use this link. While my effort is free, any money I have to spare will be put to use toward running and promoting Aadhaar FAIL! in various ways. Money you send here will help with that. The content on this site will always be free.

If you have volunteered on this site, but your name remains unacknowledged, my apologies. Please remind me and I’ll add you in immediately.

About Aadhaar FAIL!

Aadhaar FAIL is an attempt to inform the public about the various kinds of harm perpetrated by Aadhaar and why Aadhaar is not in public interest.

Why Aadhaar FAIL is necessary

Aadhaar is perhaps unique among all struggles of dissent in India in the sheer number of aspects it is being resisted. From researchers raising the alarm on human rights violations due to exclusion in welfare to tech experts pointing out security risks. From those facing practical problems to those challenging the scheme in the Supreme Court. Aadhaar has created problems on so many fronts, that people whose areas of interest have nothing in common find themselves collaborating in resistance.

However, due to this diversity, the information about the problems created by Aadhaar is also distributed among several sources, each focusing on specific aspects like legal, human rights, tech security, privacy and so on. News of scams, crimes and misuses of Aadhaar largely appears in news publications. This makes it difficult for the lay person to understand the full scope of the issue, as well as the implications of one kind of a problem in a completely different area. This site aims to create that larger picture in order for citizens to inform themselves.