For a long time, Aadhaar has got away with harming the interests of the country and its residents because of lack of information among citizens. There has been magnificent work done by various researchers, tech experts and news professionals exposing the dangers of Aadhaar, but it is difficult for the common man to understand the magnitude of the problem from stray incidents. Technological explanations of the insecurities of Aadhaar can be difficult to understand even for highly educated people without adequate understanding of tech security. Research on widespread deprivation has been distributed among many publications.

To make a long story short, Aadhaar FAIL! was necessary to present as a larger picture in easily understood language and in one place.

This site is curated by Vidyut. However the content on this site owes thanks to countless people who have put in the hard work to conduct research, find facts, do analysis, report diligently, pursue the challenge to Aadhaar on many fronts, including right up to the Supreme Court. It is impossible to name all the people who have made this effort possible, though I will certainly try once the urgent task of providing a broad picture across the various aspects where Aadhaar is a problem is done.

Key volunteers on this site – all effort on this website is completely voluntary:

Translations: 4sn, Ajay Kandi, Amit Julka, Chaubara, Deepanjana Pal, Jainarayan Gaur, Kavitha Kanaparthi, RomanticRealist, Rushikesh Aravkar and Yashraj.

Poetry, cartoons, audio versions of poems and other protest art: Ramu Ramanathan, sanitarypanels, Denzil Smith, Ankita Ananad.

This site is now available in several Indian languages. Where automatic translations are available, the site gets automatically translated. Volunteer translation editors go through the translations to edit them where the translations are not accurate. This is a big responsibility and we owe big thanks to this selfless group of volunteers.

If you wish to support this site, the biggest thing you can do is to promote it among as many people as you can. Particularly those who do not seem to understand the implications of Aadhaar. If you would like to contribute to this site, please email If you would like to gift money in appreciation or to help me do more on this site, please use this link. While my effort is free, any money I have to spare will be put to use toward running and promoting Aadhaar FAIL! in various ways. Money you send here will help with that. The content on this site will always be free.

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