Poem by Ramu Ramanathan
Narrated by Chandan Sanyal

He was a young lad
Still in his teens
He wore all fads
Including his papa’s jeans

Whenever anyone passed the lad, by
They were full of grown-up, advise
The Son of Dharma said, Listen Mister Nephew Ji
Focus on the experiental with a capital ‘E’
Life, as you know, is an experience enabler
Dharma is focussing on Millennials + Gen Z

The son of Vayu also said some such thing
Remember kid, the customer is the king
Instead of organising a gig in Kurukshetra this year
Let us host an event in Shanghai without any fear

Nakula and Sahadeva cautioned him about instability
They spoke of getting a job in the Silicon Valley
When he asked them, Chachas, are you speaking of I?
They said, beta, don’t be idealistic, look at your ROI

His name was Abhimanyu
His uncles, no knew
He was out-trending all the rules
He was dictating what is cool
The brands followed him
The markets they made him
He knew all this
Cause he was no fool

Both his parents, they were super proud
About his feats, they boasted aloud
To relatives from New Jersey to Nagpur East
In Dombivali, they hosted a pure veg feast

He was a young lad
Still in his teens
He wore all fads
Including his papa’s jeans

On his sixteenth, Abhimanyu entered the Chakravyuh
When of Aadhaar’s matrix he got a fantastical view
Firewall after firewall, he bypassed with ease
Fingerprints, faces and irises, hired on lease

He created an app and de-bugged all of them biometric settings
He posted on FB, “bhai, don’t be naive, kyonki sab kuch hein setting”
He hacked the database which was protected with a password
He told his followers, follow me, but don’t become a herd

Layer upon layer of tech-info, he encrypted
Random salt generators and servers he sifted
Inside the Chakravyuh, he had entered, too far
That’s when they woke up and slapped an FIR

And what was Abhimanyu’s crime?
Why did he die, before his time?
It’s a cosmic karma da
It’s a conspiracy da
Did you know, In his wallet
They found a GIT repository
That’s what Nandan told me at Bengaluru club
When we had a fresh lime soda inside a Jacuzzi tub

Abhimanyu’s uncles, aunts and warriors in the family
Held a televised shokh sabha to express their solidarity
They wore black badges, from the north to the south
But Abhimanyu’s data breach was gagged in the mouth

They walked up to Abhimanyu’s papa and his wife
They mourned the death; and said such is life
One Op-Ed said, the problem was his upbringing
In his mummy’s tummy, he got cyber security pings

It’s time to introduce a robustish stringentish law
Whereby babies who are not born hold the rule in awe
And what happens when you confront the Chakravyuh?
Be quiet, shaddup, or else you will be the next Abhimanyu

Vidyut is a commentator on socio-political issues with a keen understanding of tech and policy. She has been observing and commenting on Aadhaar since 2010 from a perspective of human rights, democracy and technological robustness.

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