Dubious Interests

UIDAI and Aadhaar are replete with instances of conflicts of interests, connections with dubious foreign organizations, access to data to foreign and other private organizations and more that raise serious questions about whose interests are served by Aadhaar and whether these interests are compatible with democracy, fundamental rights and national interest.

Rachna Khaira, journalist, The Tribune, Chandigarh

If there is one thing the Indian state machinery excels at, it is unleashing legal terrorism against whistleblowers. The fight against Aadhaar has its own stars studding the dark. Here they are, in recognition of their work and in gratitude that they spoke truth to power. Even in the face of an out of control,…

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It is predictable. No matter how dangerous a breach is reported, the UIDAI’s response is only to deny that there is any problem, because the biometrics are not leaked. Yes, the authority in charge of the security of the personal information provided by the entire country is so ignorant on misuse of data that they…

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