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Lokniti फाउंडेशन: आधार मोबाइल दुवा साधण्यास मागे स्वयंसेवी संस्था

The Lokniti Foundation is a secretive organisation with no website, no presence on social media, and no public list of trustees. Their registered office is a sealed building in south Delhi’s outskirts. According to its brochure, it is a non-profit established “with the primary objective to improve the quality of अधिक वाचा ...

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राष्ट्रीय मानवाधिकार आयोगाने म्हणतो अनिवार्य आधार दुवा साधण्यास बालविवाह प्रतिबंध करू शकतो

(Concern raised in this tweet by data security researcher Srinivas Kodali) In its Regional Conference on Child Marriage held in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, earlier this year, the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) brought out recommendations for implementation by various state governments “so that the menace of child marriage is curbed and अधिक वाचा ...

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Supreme Court asks: How does Aadhaar prevent money laundering?

The Supreme Court’s Constitution Bench grilled the government’s lawyers on Aadhaar’s potential to prevent bank fraud, reports The Economic Times. During the ongoing hearings to determine the Constitutional validity of Aadhaar, the Bench countered the government’s claim that linking the unique identification number with bank accounts had helped curb black अधिक वाचा ...

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ते आधार नसेल तर महाराष्ट्र कुपोषित मुक्त पोषण प्रवेश नाकारण्याची

Even as the Union of India vociferously insists in the Supreme Court that no denial of entitlements happens due to a lack of Aadhaar, the reality on the ground is different. The latest attrocity in the name of preventing leakages is the denial of nutrition to those idenfitied as malnourished अधिक वाचा ...

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बजाज अलायन्झ आधार न दावे प्रक्रिया नकार

Karthik Arun B’s car met with an accident in late December 2017 and was taken to the service center for repairs. Even at the time of filing claim, Bajaj Allianz asked him to provide his Aadhaar number, which he refused. After that they sent an appraiser over and he approved अधिक वाचा ...

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Airtel deactivates phone numbers, does not enable again without Aadhaar

Shamya Dasgupta’s Airtel phone number was deactivated. When he approached customer care, he was told to provide an Aadhaar and get a new SIM. While at the Airtel outlet, he met several other people in the same situation. Why was it done? Why was I forced to submit my Aadhar अधिक वाचा ...

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