Aadhaar Contradictions

What secrets does the RBI report on the proposed Public Credit Registry hide?

In October 2017, the RBI announced a high level task force that would study and help set up a transparent and comprehensive public credit registry (PCR). The RBI's PCR was intended to be "an extensive database of credit information for India that is accessible to all stakeholders". The PCR was intended to help improve efficiencies in the Indian credit market, aid financial inclusion, help control deliquencies and in general improve the ease of doing business. (more…)

By Anantha, ago
Aadhaar Enabled Surveillance

How desi Cambridge Analytica clones are harvesting our data

Recently the UK based company, Cambridge Analytica has been in the news for illegally harvesting user data from Facebook and enabling the use of this stolen data to influence the US Presidential election in 2016 in favour of Donald Trump. Cambridge Analytica has also been linked to several other elections including the Brexit referendum that led to Britain leaving the EU. (more…)

By Anantha, ago