A clipping from Gujarati newspaper Sandesh dated 9 January 2019 appears to report the murder of ex-MLA and former Gujarat BJP Vice President, Jayanti Bhanushali, on the Sayaji Nagari Express.

While English news media has focused on the political angle and him resigning after allegations of rape by a 21-year-old woman, the Gujarati news clipping refers to him as someone known for distributing sweet kharek (dates) and adds that a fake Aadhaar was found on the body with the photo of Bhanushali, but in the name of Manish Chunilal Nandha, address was 204, Shivvandana, Indralok Phase 3, Opp Naresh Umpire, Bhayandar (East), Thane, Maharashtra and birthdate 29-09-1970.ilmaistapornoa suomiseksi

The article adds that it is not clear what use Bhanushali made of this Aadhaar Card.

The fake Aadhaar is not mentioned in English news media at all, so far.

Mahesh Langa spotted the report in Gujarati news and shared it on Twitter.

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