SK Brijwani of resident of Janta store, Bapu nagar, Jaipur wanted to link his Aadhaar to his mobile after receiving calls to do it. A youth told him that he must do it and offered to help him.

Another version is that a man received a call telling him that his SIM needed to be linked with his Aadhaar or it would stop working. He then got a message to go to the mobile center to link his Aadhaar and get a new SIM. After this his SIM stopped working.

His old SIM was deactivated and a new one issued and was used to rob his bank account of Rs. 1.20 lakh rupees. A police case has been filed in Gandhi Nagar.


Regardless of the actual sequence of the events described, what is abundantly clear was that a SIM linked to the Aadhaar and bank was stopped (either reported stolen by a scammer or by the service center itself) and the replacement was used to steal the man’s money from linked bank account before being given to him.

It is UIDAI’s bright idea to use an OTP on a mobile phone to validate the Aadhaar as well as provide mobile operators (who can block SIMs and create replacements) the Aadhaar number that the SIMs, helpfully attached to people’s savings could validate. These people don’t understand the basics of security and isolating information that can be used for access.

Vidyut is a commentator on socio-political issues with a keen understanding of tech and policy. She has been observing and commenting on Aadhaar since 2010 from a perspective of human rights, democracy and technological robustness.

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