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Aurangabad firm launches Aadhaar-based blood donor registry

In the latest addition to the ever-expanding Aadhaar ecosystem, Aurangabad-based Strides Software Solutions has launched the ‘d-health’ application, which is touted to be a unique donor engagement platform connecting the various stakeholders involved in blood donations. By centralizing donor registration, the app facilitates donor filtration, helping determine whether the donor Read more…

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Aadhaar Enabled Surveillance

What secrets does the RBI report on the proposed Public Credit Registry hide?

In October 2017, the RBI announced a high level task force that would study and help set up a transparent and comprehensive public credit registry (PCR). The RBI's PCR was intended to be "an extensive database of credit information for India that is accessible to all stakeholders". The PCR was intended to help improve efficiencies in the Indian credit market, aid financial inclusion, help control deliquencies and in general improve the ease of doing business. (more…)

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Aadhaar News

7 questions for UIDAI

There are seven questions we challenge UIDAI to give a proper answer for (and one bonus). What happens when stolen biometrics compromise a person's identity? Consider the example of the bank officer whose fingerprints got duplicated and sold to provide illegal access to create and update Aadhaar cards. There are Read more…

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Aadhaar Scam

Airtel Payments Bank scam

Airtel Payments Bank was found to be illegally creating accounts for users who authenticated their Aadhaars to link their mobile SIMs with their Aadhaar number. The newly created bank accounts were naturally linked to their Aadhaar, and their subsidy and other payments through the Aadhaar bridge ended up with the Read more…

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