Aadhaar Enabled Surveillance

How desi Cambridge Analytica clones are harvesting our data

Recently the UK based company, Cambridge Analytica has been in the news for illegally harvesting user data from Facebook and enabling the use of this stolen data to influence the US Presidential election in 2016 in favour of Donald Trump. Cambridge Analytica has also been linked to several other elections including the Brexit referendum that led to Britain leaving the EU. (more…)

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Aadhaar Enabled Surveillance

An AP government maintained website leaks Aadhaar details, allows search using religion and caste

An Andhra Pradesh government maintained website has hosted a dashboard app that can search people in 13 districts using "religion" and "caste" amongst other categories. According to Huffingtonpost India, the dashboard in the aforementioned website, allows anyone to search for data based on terms such as "Hindu", "Muslim", "Zoroastrian" and Read more…

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Security Fails

Gujarat PDS scam and biometrics leak

Babubhai Boriwal (53) and Sampatlal Shah (61), owners of “Pandit Deendayal grahak bhandar” shops under Gujarat’s Annapurna Yojana PDS, were arrested by the Crime Branch in Surat. They were using an illegal software that accessed leaked biometric data in order to acquire coupons in the name of different PDS beneficiaries Read more…

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Aadhaar Scam

Game over. Aadhaar Database breached

A shocking report in The Tribune states that they purchased access to the complete Aadhaar database including all information provided by Aadhaar number holders to the UIDAI for a mere Rs.500 for the access. The reporter, Rachna Khaira, posing as "Anamika" contacted a WhatsApp phone number 7610063464 and made the payment Read more…

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